My name is Teri Lynn Streit. There are many things you can say about me. I am a mother an I am married. I live in Woodbine, Maryland and I am famous for my feet. My feet make life work for me! Think about it. There are large feet and there are pretty feet. I have large pretty feet. I hear about my feet all the time!

Because my feet are so awesome, people frequently ask me for foot stories. This are stories where my feet are the protagonist. So on my first date with my husband, he picked me up from the airport with a dozen roses, edible arrangements and chocolate covered strawberries. When we arrived at the house, there was Frank Sinatra playing, filet mignon, lobster and a whole host of delicacies. After dinner, he took off my shoes, inspected my blue toes and sucked and licked my toes. It was the first sexual act between me and my husband. At first I was embarassed because my feet were sweaty after the plane, but I got into it. Now I realize my feet are one of my erogenous zones.